We’re helping the Department of Treasury’s Financial Management Services get better access to decision-making data


The challenge:

The Department of Treasury brought on Technatomy to assist with enhancing and supporting eight customized financial applications’ ability to track and report on program and project progress.  Prior to our engagement, Treasury used measurement systems that did not accurately measure progress, resulting in delays in financial reporting.  This project data is required by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for all Financial Management Services (FMS) projects. Technatomy also serves as technical liaison on upgrade efforts, and provides maintenance for the production, development, and test environments.

Our approach:

When Technatomy started our project, we brought aboard several subject matter experts to review the current state of the reporting systems. Through detailed planning processes, we identified and reviewed areas that could be improved through automation. The result is an improved testing and reporting process that tracks work products through the Systems Development Lifecycle while providing detailed and automated metrics to FMS for inclusion in the requisite submissions to OMB. Prior to our involvement, FMS used a reporting system that did not capture data accurately and to the level of detail necessary for the customer to make effective decisions. As a result of our efforts, FMS now has the ability to fully measure project/program progress for the first time.

A sister component to this work is making sure the systems we report against are working properly.  To this end, we serve as the technical liaisons to the FMS for systems that are ready for upgrade. As the applications age, FMS is presented with varying challenges regarding retirement and upgrade of systems, as well as migrations to the web.  Technatomy has provided technical leadership for migration plans, architecture models, and system upgrade and geographical moves for those systems.

For this work Technatomy has, specifically, employed architecture modeling, as well as development expertise.  We are currently providing program management planning, design and development of the upgrade and physical relocation of several major systems, including an upgrade in software and database versions.