Expertise in Logistics & Systems Solutions

For 16 years, we have worked in close partnership with clients on projects providing innovative logistics tools, process support, and systems engineering to help achieve their missions. We work with DoD clients at the enterprise level, including the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) J6, to deliver a diverse range of information technology solutions and disciplined support including DLA’s Fusion Center, Asset Management and Provisioning System (AMPS), and Center of Parts Activity (COPA). Our proven systems engineering processes and technological expertise enable clients to cost-effectively achieve missions of global significance. As a prime contractor on vehicles including DLA Defense Logistics Agency J6 Enterprise Technology Services (JETS), and DLA Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS), Technatomy offers a broad range of support services, including:

  • Systems engineering
  • Logistics process expertise
  • Mobile development
  • Program and project management
  • Systems and software design and development
  • Integration, implementation
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Engineering of general and specific information systems
  • Network and security
  • Enterprise IT with integrated solutions
  • Performance bench-marking
  • Information and knowledge engineering
  • Product integration
  • Test and evaluation, licensing and support

As our client’s mission becomes far-reaching and enterprise technology requirements expand, our role as a trusted partner grows ever more important. We stand ready to provide the keen insight, deep domain knowledge and technical expertise needed to help our clients achieve operational readiness.

We invite you to learn more about the services we provide for clients in our Logistics and Systems Engineering market. To request a capabilities statement and past performance, please contact us.

Our Past Performance

Department of Defense - Defense Logistics Agency, Enterprise System Account Management

Technatomy supported the customization of the Sun Identity Manager 5.0 commercial off-the-shelf software.

Department of Defense - Defense Logistics Agency, Enterprise Data Center Migration

Technatomy supported the migration of the Defense Logistics Agency’s enterprise data center from a commercial facility to the Defense Information Systems Agency Ogden center.

Department of Defense - Defense Logistics Agency, Account Management Provisioning System

Technatomy supported the development and maintenance of the Account Management and Provisioning System solution to automate the paper DD Form 2875 System Authorization Access Request process as well as to provide enhanced request status, account review, and improved flexibility. The system provides direct account provision for applications at the completion of the approval process.

Department of Defense - Defense Logistics Agency, Fusion Center

Technatomy was responsible for system development and support for the fusion of defense logistics data from disparate supply systems using Adobe, Oracle, JAVA, J2EE, and service oriented technologies. These services included general design and development support of automated research, review, and real-time analytical and analysis tools provided via a dashboard environment.

Department of Defense - Defense Logistics Agency, Center of Parts Activity

Technatomy provided application sustainment support services in support of DLA’s Center Of Parts Application. This web-based application is used by the Air Force to manage critical aviation items and activities. Technatomy provided a collection of services, including web design, software enhancement development, interface development, and application migration activities.

Department of Defense - Defense Logistics Agency, Defense Finance and Accounting System Migration

Technatomy provided system design and programming for the migration of Defense Finance and Accounting System to the Defense Logistics Agency’s Account Management and Provisioning System.

Department of Defense - Defense Logistics Agency, Identity Management Solution

Technatomy expanded and supported AMPS as DLA’s IDM solution. Over 100 DLA systems integrate with AMPS for various IDM tasks such as account creation, account management, and account provisioning in target systems. Technatomy expanded support for these systems. Additionally, Technatomy also integrated 120+ more DLA systems with AMPS for various IDM tasks.

Department of Defense - Defense Logistics Agency, Center of Parts Activity Program Management

The Center Of Parts Activity application is used by all three Air Force Air Logistics Centers to manage critical aviation end-items, proactively identifying potential critical past short-falls, and ensuring reporting and metrics on support levels are web-accessible. Under this contract, Technatomy provided program management support, including tasks such as maintaining documentation for help and user manuals. The team also provided system sustainment services and quality assurance services to help DLA.

Department of Defense - Defense Logistics Agency, Enterprise Business Analytics Fusion Center

Technatomy provided maintenance and sustainment of the DLA Legacy Fusion center production application and migration and troubleshoot functionality from legacy metrics reporting systems into the DLA Legacy Fusion Center.

Department of Defense - Defense Logistics Agency, Oracle Identity Management Solution

Technatomy provided expert Oracle Identity Management support to expand and support the Account Management Provisioning System (AMPS) and provide a solution for system design. The solution consisted of reviewing and proposing an optimized network and four environment infrastructure with high availability and disaster recovery. Technatomy also provided integration and communication support to current projects and future AMPS projects as well as matrix and system project support for AMPS sustainment and other AMPS DLA customers.

Department of Defense - Defense Logistics Agency, Account Management and Provisioning System Tier I Support

Technatomy has provided Tier I-III support services to the Defense Logistics Agency for DLA’s deployment of a legacy Account Management Provision System (AMPS) to “New AMPS”, DLA also required more complex Tier II support and ongoing migration of new users onto the system in support of DLA Information Operations.

Department of Defense - Defense Logistics Agency, Extended Business Systems, Extended Business Applications

Technatomy provided information technology application life cycle support for approximately 15-20 legacy applications under the J6 area of responsibility operating in various data centers.

Department of Commerce - National Oceanic Atmospheric Agency, Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement

Technatomy provided NOAA’s Department of the National Marine Fisheries Service Office of Law Enforcement with a modernized Case Management System, helping the 200 users from OLE enforce 35 environmental statutes.